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Rigmaids Driving Van

Along with full service cleaning, we offer the following products for sale:

Dawn Dish Soap  
Trash Bags  
Laundry Detergent  
Dryer Sheets  
Bottled Water  
Water Jugs  
Toilet Paper Roll  
Paper Towel Roll  
Tissue Box  
16 oz Coffee Cups w/ Lids (6 Pk)  
20 oz Styrofoam Cups (20 Pk)  
12 oz Plastic Cups (12 Pk)  
Iron Skillets  
Paper Plates (50 Pk)  
Plastic Silverware (48 Pc)  
Ziploc Sandwich Bags (125 Pk)  
Folgers Coffee Grounds/Filter All-In-One (10 Pk)  
22 oz Sugar Canister  
16 oz Coffee Creamer Canister  
Toothbrush (2 Pk)  
Toothpaste (Aquafresh)  
Toothpaste (Colgate)  
Orange Hand Cleanser  
Soap Bar (Dove Unscented)  
Soap Bar (Dial Scented)  
Hand Sanitizer Wipes (20 Pk)  
Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Bottle (2 Pk)  

*Contact your sales representative for any special request items.